An Atlanta attorney says Georgia courts are failing to provide the state with proper court management systems.

Attorney Todd Johnson, who represents the Fulton County district attorney’s office, said the system has been in place for more than a decade and it has not been used properly.

He said he is currently suing the state to get the court system to provide a court management tool for Fulton County.

In 2015, Georgia was ranked the fourth-worst jurisdiction in the country for court management, according to the report released by the Judicial Conduct Board.

In 2018, it ranked among the worst.

The GA Department of Administrative Services released a new report Tuesday showing Georgia ranked seventh in the nation for judicial misconduct, with an annual average of 33.5 violations.

That is far above the national average of 10.6.

Johnson said he has been doing his own investigation of the court’s court management for several years and found the system was not working well.

“The Georgia courts have a lot of things going on at the same time, and a lot more work is being done than is being accomplished by the courts,” Johnson said.

“So you have to be very careful how you operate the courts, how you provide the court services, how we deal with the court.”

Johnson said he also has concerns about the county’s system of court discipline, which is handled by a separate agency.

He has filed complaints with the GA Department’s Office of Judicial Conduct alleging the county was not providing proper court discipline to judges and other employees.

The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer said in a statement that it would work with Johnson to “work to improve the court administration system.”