article Georgetown University has announced plans to roll out its identity management platform, allowing students to create and share their profiles.

The university says the platform, which is being rolled out on the Georgetown campus, will allow students to make appointments with people who are willing to provide information on their profiles and make other changes, such as allowing students who are currently in an unanticipated residence hall to attend classes in their dorms.

It will also allow students who have already registered for classes to start attending them immediately, a move that will allow them to be more flexible with how they use their time.

The Georgetown administration said in a press release that the new system will allow Georgetown to ensure that all students, regardless of where they live, have access to the same information and information shared across all campus buildings.

“By providing this service, we will be providing a level playing field for all students and our partners, including students from all backgrounds, including those who may not have been able to use the Georgetown ID service before,” Georgetown President John Jenkins said in the release.

“By ensuring access to information and by making it easier for students to share their information, Georgetown is also helping our community as a whole.”

Georgetown has been in the midst of a crisis of student identity since a security breach in early December caused hundreds of thousands of students to lose access to their social media accounts.

The school has been working to build its system for the past several months.

Georgetown said it plans to offer the new platform by the end of the year.