Google’s search giant has released a new service management service that allows users to track church finances without having to visit a website or even log in to the church’s website.

Google is calling the new service, the Church Analytics, a “sustainable audit tool that helps church owners and staff understand how they are managing their finances, manage their finances efficiently, and avoid tax evasion.”

The service will initially run on Google Apps, allowing users to create their own private dashboard, or sign up to the service for the church to use.

The service, which is being built by Google’s technology partner, Crowdrise, allows users “to collect and analyze financial information for their church, their church members, and their church associates.”

The tool will then let the user “create a private dashboard and create a report of each event and individual church member or church associate,” Google said in a blog post.

The report will then be shared with the church and other church partners, including those in other countries, it said.

Google also plans to open the service in partnership with a non-profit organization called Church Analytics.

It’s not clear whether Google is offering a similar service in other locations, or if the service will be available for other services.

The service is not available in English.

The Church Analytics service is part of Google’s plan to offer a service that will be accessible from multiple languages and languages that Google has not announced, Google’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, said in an interview with the BBC.

The company is also launching a new tool for businesses to create audit reports.

The tool will allow businesses to report information that can be shared through email and/or other channels.

Google said the service is aimed at helping church leaders manage their businesses.

The new service will come as Google is expanding its offerings to help businesses comply with laws and regulations, according to a blog on Google’s new services page.

Google said it would be making the tools available for a limited time.

The church leaders’ report is an example of how Google can help businesses that are trying to comply with local and federal regulations, said Brian Stoecker, an economist at the University of Washington who has studied church finances.

“It’s very much a game changer for the economy,” he said.