Google’s payroll management software could be used to streamlines employee data retention.

A team at Google’s Australia headquarters is working on a new platform to help companies streamline data retention in an effort to help them reduce costs and increase efficiency.

“We are working on an approach that’s very similar to Google’s data retention strategy,” Google Australia managing director Mark Williams said.

“It’s an automated process that automatically removes records after a certain time.”

This process is used to keep track of records of a company’s employees and also allows for an automated record search for employees that are no longer working.

Williams said the technology could be applied to other types of employee data, such as customer data.

“The goal is to stream out employee information to all the people that are not actually part of the data retention system,” he said.

Williams believes that using this platform will save companies money and could help them cut costs.

“That’s an easy thing to do.

It’s a very straightforward way to do it.

We can get a little bit of value out of the employee data and it can be shared and used to make improvements,” he added.

Google has recently announced that it would be working on its own data retention solution to reduce costs.

The tech giant recently announced a $2.8 billion (£1.6 billion) fund that will be used for research and development.

However, the fund will be in addition to the $2 billion Google is already giving to a research and innovation fund.

This funding will also include $600 million to hire and retain more than 150,000 employees, a $600m fund for technology, a funding for small businesses and a $100m funding to build and expand a new research centre in Sydney.

“Google is looking to create a more efficient data management strategy for Australia,” Williams said, “and that’s why we’re working on this technology.”