The Atlanta Braves will soon add player IDs to the site, a move that could save them some money in the short term.

The team said Monday that it has signed a deal with Major League Baseball to provide a unique identifier for every player on the MLB roster, a system that was implemented in 2011 to provide better privacy and security for players and teams.

In an email to ESPN, Braves general manager John Coppolella said the team “is pleased to announce the signing of a multi-year partnership with Major Leagues Baseball to enable players to identify themselves through the MLB website.

This will allow us to continue to provide players with the information and privacy they deserve.”

The Braves will provide a “unique identifier” for every MLB player in their organization, Coppampalca wrote in the email.

The identifier will be a 3-digit code, similar to how the current MLB player IDs are set up.

The Braves are the only MLB team that does not use an individual player ID for each player.

Coppumas email noted that players can identify themselves on the team’s website by entering the number 3 through the team logo.

The team’s account will also allow players to search for the number.

The Atlanta Braves, who play in the National League Central, will be the first Major League team to use an identifier for its players on MLB.


It is the only major-league team that has not added a player ID since the MLBN database was first introduced in 2011.

Coppampa also said that the Braves are planning to use the identifier on MLB Player Page, which will allow players like first baseman Adrian Beltre to identify each other from within the game.

The number 3 will also be used on the game’s Player Information section, where players can enter their numbers, and on the player’s profile page, where they can look up other players by name.

The Braves also have a dedicated player-related section on the web, where fans can see photos of their favorite players.ESPN first reported the news.