Microsoft is rolling out a new system management tools for Windows 10 that allows users to manage their devices and services in a more efficient way, according to a report.

Microsoft has launched a new service called Windows Management Instrumentation, which aims to make it easier for customers to manage Windows 10 devices and resources, according the Insider network.

The new tool will also be available for Enterprise customers, and will be a part of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

The tool lets customers manage devices and devices and other services on Windows 10 and Microsoft’s Edge browser.

The service, which will be available in the Fall Creator Update, is aimed at helping businesses manage Windows, Windows Phone, and other devices, including PCs and tablets, Microsoft said.

The new service, known as Windows Management Instruments, is a system management tool, according Microsoft.

The company announced earlier this year that it is releasing a new “system management” service that will be included in Windows 10.

The service lets customers run automated tests to ensure that they’re using the right version of Windows.

It can also monitor system activity and detect issues in Windows, Microsoft’s Insiders told The Verge.

Microsoft’s new tools will be released to the public on October 21.