The next time you open a Google docs app, you might want to take advantage of its drag-and-drop capabilities.

This article will show you how.

Google Docs in iOS is a new app from Apple, which is designed to be used by Apple’s iWork suite of apps.

Apple’s Docs suite of products, which includes iWork, iWork Express, and other apps, is an excellent tool for professionals who work with documents, notes, and presentations, as well as others who use a variety of digital content including images, video, music, and documents.

Google’s Doc tools are meant for professionals, too, and can be used to create and edit documents on a Mac, Windows, and Linux computer.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to use the Docs tools in a new iOS app called iDoc.

The iDoc app, available as an app in the App Store for free, includes a drag-n-drop interface for adding, removing, and editing documents from an iPhone.

Using drag- and-drop for documents is simple, and you can drag and drop your documents to the screen using the dropdown menus.

You can also copy and paste files and folders into a document using the new Copy/Paste buttons.

We’ll use the iPad app to show you some of the features.

The iPad app works best with iPad 3, 4, and 5, but Apple says it will work on all current iPads.

We will also use a sample file in this article to show how you can create and share documents.

To create a document, you select an existing document, then click Create, then select the Document Properties tab.

On the Document Details page, click Add, then choose Document Properties.

On this page, choose the type of document you want to add and edit, then make sure the Document Type is Auto Document and the Document ID is your document’s name.

You’ll also see the document’s title, author, and date added, as you can see below.

Click Add.

You will see a window that says Document Properties: Document Properties You can now edit or remove the document by clicking the Document Selector button on the right side of the Document Info window.

You might want a quick look at the contents of the document to make sure it’s up to your standards.

The Document Properties dialog box opens and you’ll see a number of options.

If you need help editing a document before you save it, you can click Save.

When you’re finished, click the OK button to close the Document Options dialog box.

You now have a new document in your Documents folder. Drag-and