In March, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins announced the company had purchased streaming service Hulu Plus.

The deal brought together Hulu and Netflix, with Hulu Plus getting access to the streaming video platform and Netflix getting access the Hulu TV app.

Since then, Hulu has expanded the service, adding Hulu Plus as an add-on, which has been available to Hulu Plus subscribers.

Hulu also introduced its own Hulu TV, which includes streaming video and TV content, and launched a Hulu Movies service in February.

Hulu Plus is the first major streaming service to offer access to its original content.

The Hulu Plus service has been the subject of many complaints from Netflix, which sees the service as a direct competitor.

Netflix said it is currently negotiating with Hulu to bring its service to the service.

Hulu is owned by CBS, but it has no control over the company.

Netflix has said that its streaming content includes original programming and original films.