Google has recently rolled out its new India-focused software engineering certification system, but the company is yet to confirm whether it has managed to acquire talent from the country.

The announcement comes as the tech giant is increasingly looking at hiring more engineers from across the globe, following the US’s recent hiring spree and China’s increasing focus on the industry.

“The process of acquiring talent from India is very similar to hiring talent from any other country, except the cost of the visa is lower,” a spokesperson from Google told TechCrunch.

“Google has been investing heavily in India for the last few years, and has been working with the Government to expand the country’s tech talent pipeline.”

While the exact number of software engineers being hired by Google from the Indian government remains unclear, Google says it has already begun hiring from across India, and that it has also begun to recruit from outside the country to help fill the gap.

“We have been recruiting software engineers for over two years from across all India,” the spokesperson said.

“The recruitment process from India has always been straightforward and has never been complicated. 

We are proud to be the world leader in the industry and will continue to invest in India and create more jobs here.”

The spokesperson went on to say that Google will continue working closely with Indian IT companies to support the country in its efforts to attract talent from across across the world.