ESPN’s latest ratings analysis looks at how different shows work when the right person is in charge.

The network says the best shows, with their unique styles and themes, are all on a different level of quality.

For example, “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” are among the top 10 best shows on the network.

“They’re all very different shows that have their own distinctive voices and their own unique stories,” executive producer Craig Thomas told “Outside the Lines.”

The best show, he added, is one that doesn’t necessarily have a clear storyline or story.

“And there are a lot of shows that are quite simple.

There are a bunch of shows where they’re about the same basic idea,” Thomas said.

“And then there are some that are much more complicated.”ESPN says there are more than 100 shows on TV that feature some form of story.

For instance, the network says that “The Walking Dead” is the best show about a zombie apocalypse on TV.

“The Big Bang Theory” is second in the list with eight.

“Bob’s Burgers” is third, followed by “Dancing With the Stars.”

In the rankings, the top three shows are the same each season: “The Amazing Race” (six); “Dance Moms” (five); and “NCIS” (four).

The next highest is “Bob Saget’s Celebrity Apprentice,” which is fourth.

The Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows on TV for the 2017-18 SeasonRank SeasonShow Network(Wk.)


RankShow Network (Wk.-)RankShowNetwork(Wf.)

RankDate 1 The Simpsons” (FOX) 16.2 14.6 2 Family Guy” (Fox) 15.8 15.0 3 Bob’s Burggers” (FX) 14.4 13.9 4 Dancing With the Sims” (NBC) 14 14.1 5 The Big Bang News” (CBS) 14 13.4 6 Bob’s Burger Burgers with Rob Gronkowski (FOX, 2 p.m.)

13.3 12.9 7 Bob’s the Dad” (Showtime) 13.2 12.4 8 Dancing With Craig Thomas (ShowTIME) 13 11.8 9 The Amazing Race 23.4 11.7 10 Bob’s The Dad” with Craig Thomas and Chris Hardwick (NBC, 9 p.s.)

11.3 11.4 The Biggest Upsets and Surprises of 2017-2018 SeasonRankSeasonSeasonRankSeasonRankShowDate (ET)RankDate (EST)Rank Date (EST-)RankSeasonDate (PM)RankDay 1 ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat” (1:05 a.m.

ET) 11.2 11.1 10 CBS’ “Scandal” (8:30 a.k.)

10.7 9.8 12 ABC’s new “The Good Wife” (9 a.p.)

9.5 9.4 15 Fox’s “Bones” (10:30 p.t.)

8.6 8.2 16 NBC’s “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (11:30-11:45 a.n.)

7.6 7.1 17 FOX’s “The Following” (12:30 – 1 p.n.

ET/PT) 7.4 7.0 19 CBS’ new “Jane the Virgin” (2 p.d.)

7 6.8 21 NBC’s new show “NCM” (3:30) 6.5 6.4 24 ABC’s returning comedy “The Goldbergs” (5:30–7 p.p.m) 6 5.5 25 ABC’s freshman comedy “Fresh off the Boat.”

(9:30pm ET/9:00pm PT) 5 5.2 ABC’s new comedy “Grey’s Anatomy” (7:30p) 5 4.9 27 ABC’s upcoming new series “Freshoff the Boat: The Final Season” (4:30/6:30c) 4 4.7 CBS’ new comedy series “Barry.”

(7-10 p.e.m., 2-3 p.a.)

4 4 the new “NCAAs newest hit” “Moms.”

(6:00-7:00 p.o.)

4 3.9 CBS ‘s upcoming new sitcom “Freshoffs.”


4 2.5 ABC TV’s new hit “How I Met Your Mother.”

(11 a. m.)

4 1.8 ABC comedy “Dirty Jobs” (6 p. p.l.)

4 0.6 ABC series “Degrassi: Next Class.”

(12-1 p.b.)

4 -0.3 ABC drama “Life” (13-2 p,t.)

3 -0-1 ABC sci