Construction management system manager (CMS) and design system manager are two of the most important positions in a workplace, according a new study.

It found that these roles were equally as important as people with the duties of sales and customer service.

“We’re often told that there’s no need for someone who works in the office, but the reality is, people who work in the offices do,” Dr Mark Tinsley, who conducted the research for the Australian Council of Social Service, said.

“It’s a big, important role that many people don’t have the right skills and experience to fulfil.”

Dr Tinsly said the report also highlighted how key roles such as financial management were often overlooked.

“People might be told they need a manager, they might be asked to be a ‘chaperone’ or they might not have the qualifications to be able to do those roles,” he said.

Dr Tynsley said the research showed that there was a gap in the Australian workforce in terms of skills and qualifications for these roles.

“A key takeaway from this is the need to improve the skills and competencies of the people who are in these roles,” Dr Tinslyn said.

The report also revealed how the Australian Bureau of Statistics has failed to track how many people work in these two roles.

The ABS told the ABC that the numbers are not tracked as the ABS is required to report only the number of jobs in the past 12 months.

“There is a gap because the ABS does not track the numbers of people who have roles in the construction management systems and design systems,” the ABS said.

It said the numbers for the previous 12 months would be released at the end of May and that it is committed to doing so in the future.