Microsoft released a preview of the Asset Management System, a feature that allows businesses to manage their assets in the cloud.

This is the first time we’ve seen a preview feature like this, so let’s dive in.

The Asset Management system will allow businesses to access and manage their own storage, cloud storage, and other storage services, without the need for a central IT office.

This will allow them to keep their assets private from the rest of the company, and it will make sure they’re able to deploy and scale quickly to meet any requirements.

Here are some of the features that will be included in the Asset management system:The Asset management service will allow enterprises to manage the storage and cloud storage of their own assets.

In addition to the ability to create and manage cloud storage on their own, organizations will be able to create asset management services for their other assets.

There are several different types of asset management providers.

These include:Companies can use these services to store and manage assets such as:Businesses can also use the Asset Managers to manage storage on other servers, such as on the network.

The Asset Manager can store and retrieve assets such that the assets are managed from a central place, such that they can be available at any time.

Microsoft is also announcing support for two new features that are included in this preview, called:Microsoft is working on a new Azure Stack feature called Asset Management.

This feature is designed to help companies manage their storage, storage services such as, and cloud services like Azure, and all their other storage and other assets using a single Azure Stack instance.

This new Azure stack feature allows companies to create, manage, and scale their own cloud storage and storage services.

The new Asset Management service will be used by organizations to manage assets that are stored on the Microsoft Azure Stack.

The new Azure Service Provider will be available on the Cloud Service Portal, and the Asset Manager service will work on any Azure Stack that includes the Microsoft Cloud Service.

The asset management service works like this:Microsoft has provided a preview version of the new Asset management feature.

We have a preview account on the preview account for now, and will continue to test the new feature.

As the preview gets closer to release, we will be updating this post with the full preview.