The Office 365 cloud platform, which is available in Microsoft Office 2013 and later, is a powerful tool for data management.

The service is also great for large and small organizations, which can share data.

But as the cloud becomes more popular, it’s also become a place for people to be wary.

For some, that’s because they don’t want to pay for expensive services that can’t be managed by their own staff, or because they are afraid they’ll lose the data.

And now, as Microsoft releases a new version of Office for Mac and Windows, that worry has grown.

For example, Office 365 for Mac has a new feature that allows users to create a custom version of the application for a certain group of people.

This is not the same as the same app being released for both platforms.

It’s a “solution,” said David LeBlanc, the vice president of the Office Product Management team, to a user who needs to create an account with a particular group.

That’s why the new version is not available for Mac or Windows users.

LeBlanc said the team is working on a fix for the issue.

Office 365 for Windows users are being urged to update to the new versions immediately.

If they have a Mac, they can sign up for a free trial and continue to use the existing version.

If you are an Office 365 customer, you can find a link to download the new Office for Windows version here.

Leblanc also said that the new edition of Office has new features that are not available on the current version of office.

In other words, it has new functions and capabilities.

For example, the application now lets users see who is using Office 365.

It can also provide detailed reports on your usage, including your email and calendar appointments.

But the most important feature of the new Edition is the new ability to create custom versions of the app, which Microsoft calls a “sandbox.”

The sandbox allows you to customize the app to meet your needs.

For instance, you could create a version of your own, or one that will only run on the cloud.

If that sounds intimidating, it shouldn’t be.

It requires a little bit of effort, said Daniela Soto, a manager in the Office product team.

You can also get more information about the sandbox and its capabilities in this video from Microsoft:Office 365: The newest in cloud themes for Office and Office 365For more, check out TechRepublic’s report on the Office 365 news: