NEW YORK (AP) The city and state will jointly distribute $300 million to help local governments handle the outbreak of Ebola that has sickened more than 2,600 people in New York, the state Health Commissioner announced Wednesday.

The state also agreed to spend $200 million to expand a program to train the city’s police and fire departments.

The announcement comes days after the governors of New Jersey and New York announced $1 billion in federal funding to fight the outbreak, the most in the country.

The funding will be distributed through the State Emergency Management Agency, which has $9.6 billion in its Emergency Management Block Grant program, or FEMA.

That program has already spent $1.3 billion, most of it on states, according to a FEMA press release.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo announced last week that his administration had approved $1 million for emergency response and prevention programs in the city.

The governor also announced $300,000 for emergency medical services in the state and $200,000 to help pay for an Ebola treatment center.

The governor also said $100 million in funding would go to a regional Ebola response center.

Cuomo said the center will be the nation’s largest.

The federal money comes in addition to a $1-billion commitment from New York State and $100-million from New Jersey.

New York has already sent $1,000-a-person checks to communities in the New York metropolitan area, as well as $300-a and $500-a for every $100 in excess of $5,000.

The New York state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is also getting $400,000 from FEMA.

New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie and New Mexico Gov.

Susana Martinez have both agreed to a series of public health strategies, including a $10 million program to help people recover from Ebola symptoms and the creation of a “virtual health center” that will help people get tested for the virus.

The governors’ announcements come after governors of Connecticut, Illinois and New Jersey also pledged $100,000 each to help the state fight the virus, according in a statement Wednesday.

New Jersey Gov, Chris Christie said he had already reached out to governors of California, New Mexico and Texas to ask them to do the same.

New Hampshire Gov.

Maggie Hassan said Wednesday she is also pledging $100 for every new case of Ebola, which was first diagnosed in March in New Hampshire.

New Mexico’s Republican governor, Susana Martínez, announced Tuesday that she would spend $300 for each new case, which is also being funded by FEMA.


Chris Kelly, who was elected to a second term earlier this month, is also planning to distribute $1 in federal funds to New York to help fight the Ebola outbreak.

Kelly’s administration has been under increasing pressure to step up the response.

It is working on a plan to create a public health center and has said it will be a center in every county in the nation.