We do not need a sewage treatment plant or an sewage treatment system to treat sewage.

But we need a proper sewage treatment facility.

The Supreme Court said this on Monday in a landmark judgment.

Justice J Chelameswar, while rejecting the contention that the Centre is forcing private companies to construct sewage treatment plants, also said it is wrong to blame the state governments.

“If the state government has an obligation to construct a sewage plant or sewage treatment, the same obligation applies to the private company, too.

It is not right to blame them for the failure of state governments to make the right decisions,” Justice Chelameswar said in his verdict.”

What is more, the government cannot make any wrong decision without consulting the private companies.”

Justice Chelameswas responding to a plea by the Centre to the Supreme Court to declare that the state has no right to an “effective sewage system”.

“If, however, the private entity has no choice but to construct the sewage plant, then the same cannot be said about the state’s right to provide sewage treatment to private persons,” the court observed.

The court also said the Centre cannot take the view that there is no statutory duty on the private entities to construct an effective sewage treatment.