A team of MIT researchers has developed a system that helps developers create identity and authentication tokens for applications on the cloud.

The researchers say the system, called Identity & Identity, is based on an existing technology, but it offers a number of advantages over traditional systems like a company identity management system.

The team created an identity token system, or IID, to make it easier to develop applications and secure systems.

The system, which the MIT researchers describe as “an identity management platform, for real-world applications,” is based off a technology they call the Identity & ID.

The technology works by making a token that can be easily shared with other tokens that can then be used to authenticate a user and access services.

The token, called a “key,” is used to access the user’s identity and account information.

Once the token is obtained, it is used for authentication purposes.

The MIT researchers have dubbed their identity token platform, IID.

The IID system uses a combination of blockchain technology and cryptography to provide a secure way to securely create, manage, and authenticate tokens, which are stored in a public ledger called the “blockchain.”

The team says the system is built on a “block chain” that contains a list of all the tokens in existence and a blockchain that contains information about them.

The tokens can be created, stored, and shared on the blockchain.

The identity tokens are stored using the blockchain, and users are able to sign up for a token and store it as part of their user identity.

The company is now looking to expand its platform, the IID platform, to include other applications.

The main feature of the new system is the ability to create a token for an application and then store it securely in a decentralized blockchain.

A token is a public key that can identify a user’s information.

When a user uses an application, they are authenticated by that token.

The new IID token system is based upon the identity token technology from the Identity&Id platform, which is currently used in many of the most popular identity management systems like Facebook, Dropbox, and Twitter.

It’s based on a blockchain and uses cryptographic primitives to create, store, and verify the tokens, according to the team.

Using the technology in its current form, the MIT team says that it is easy to build new applications and services that support multiple token types.

They say the IIDs token system provides an easy-to-use, scalable way to secure a user identity and access to services.

“In addition to securing applications and accessing their data securely, we have seen this technology enable us to build secure applications that run on a wide variety of cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure Service Bus, Google App Engine, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Office 365, and Google Cloud Storage,” the team wrote in a blog post.

The project has been accepted for the IBM R&D lab in Boston, the company said in a statement.