With the 2020 presidential election just months away, a lot is at stake.

Here’s a look at how you can manage your campaign finance, campaign finance disclosure, and campaign finance reporting systems.


Campaign Finance Reporting and Disclosure: The 2016 presidential election cycle saw the election season move from a contested convention to a coronavirus pandemic that led to massive voter fraud.

As a result, campaign committees needed to be prepared for unprecedented levels of spending and campaign contributions in the months before the election.

Many of the reporting and reporting systems used for the 2020 election were not designed for that level of complexity.

To get the most out of your campaign reporting system, you should create a comprehensive campaign finance management system that includes all of the following components: campaign finance report and audit software, campaign reports, campaign documents, financial reporting, financial auditing, campaign reporting and audit system, campaign management system (including electronic records, paper reports, electronic financial reports, and financial reporting software), election management system.


Election Management Systems: In addition to the reporting system for your campaign, you’ll also need an election management plan (EMSP) that includes an election audit report, election audit systems, election reporting system (ADRS), election reporting and financial management system and reporting system.

The election audit system is the system that processes your election reports and reports to the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), which provides election administration services to the federal government.

The EAC then issues audit reports to state election boards, local election boards and local jurisdictions that report their election results to the EAC.

The state election systems are responsible for collecting, processing and distributing election results.

The audit reports are used to support election integrity, including verifying the accuracy of election results, verifying the qualifications of election officials, and providing information to the public about the accuracy and integrity of elections.


Audit Audit Reporting and Auditing Systems: Your campaign finance audit system should include all of these components: election audits, auditing software, audit systems (including financial auditors, election auditors and election audit analysts), campaign reports and financial reports (including campaign accounts and accounts receivable), financial audited systems (FAS), campaign financial reporting system and report, campaign financial management systems (CBMS), campaign audit reports, election audits and audit systems.


Election Audit Systems: Each campaign is different and must be prepared to meet specific requirements.

The following components should be part of the election audit reporting and auditing system: campaign reporting systems, campaign audit systems and report (including audit reports), campaign finance reports and audited financial systems, audit system (FSS), election audit reports and audit reports (for all reporting systems), campaign auditing systems, audited reports, account audits, and audit reporting systems (for election systems).


Audit Reporting, Audit Systems and Reporting Systems: Campaign finance auditing and audit is the process of verifying the integrity of campaign finances and campaign accounts.

In general, campaigns should be audited by outside auditors who are independent from candidates and political committees.

If you’re not auditing your campaign as part of an audit, your campaign should include audited accounts and reports in its audit reports.

Additionally, you need to include an audit reporting system that contains a reporting system audit of your account audit reporting for each campaign account.

In addition, you must ensure that each campaign reporting, audit and reporting System is audited to verify the accuracy, veracity, completeness and completeness of its reports.


Campaign Financial Management Systems and Reports: Your election audit and financial system should be managed to ensure that it has all of its requirements, reporting, audits, and reports completed.

The report and financial systems for your election should be maintained in a state-of-the-art digital environment.

The system should contain audit reports that verify the financial accounts, auditors’ reports, the campaign financial reports and audits, campaign report and audit systems, and the campaign finances management system for each candidate, party and election.


Campaign Management Systems (CBMs): Campaigns should have their campaign finance systems, financial reports as well as campaign financial accounts and the audit reports on the campaign management systems that are required to support the election and campaign integrity activities.

The campaign finance audited system and its reporting system are the systems that handle the reporting, accounting and reporting, and audits.


Campaign Auditing and Audits: Your audited campaign reporting should be reviewed by a qualified person.

Candidates and campaigns should have audited campaigns for compliance with campaign finance requirements and the financial reporting requirements of their campaign accounts, including reports for all campaign accounts (including reports on each candidate and party’s campaign accounts).

Candidates, campaigns and parties must maintain their audited reporting systems and audit accounts and report the financial statements of their campaigns.

Candidate and party financial reporting systems must be auditable by an independent third party.

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